By constantly investing in technology and employees, we want to ensure the continuous growth of the company and for our customers to remain one of the suppliers who is a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Many years of experience in the field of marketing with some industries that use such products are a guarantee that we will meet our goals and ensure the long-term stability and development orientation of the company.


In the last few years, we have expanded our range of electronics services to all other areas, where the most demanding electronic assemblies and products for aerospace, medical, measuring and other equipment are used. In all these years, the company has developed and trained for the most demanding production technologies in electronics.

Our opportunity is flexibility and quick adaptation to changes in the domestic and foreign markets. OMF has set a basic and final goal to conquer the Slovenian and other markets by selling new products and services produced on the most modern technological lines for SMD and THT technologies.

Our goal is to keep all our existing customers and gain new ones in Slovenia and abroad. We will also expand sales to those areas of use of electronic assemblies and products that we have not yet mastered.


Our activity is the assembly of electronic devices and their subassemblies and services. This includes the purchase of the necessary electronic components, multi-layer printed circuit boards, installation of SMD and THT electronic components, quality, quantity and functional testing of products, protection by varnishing, installation in housings and packaging for the end customer.

The company has a quality certificate ISO 9001:2015, which we have been renewing for 20 years, internal procedures in accordance with international standards VDO and ISO / TS 16949:2005. Production has automated and technologically demanding and flexible production lines.


In 2019, we moved to new modern business premises in the Komenda Business Zone.

On an area of 2200 square meters, we ensure quality production at the highest level and thus pursue the goals of ensuring business excellence in order to consolidate the customer’s competitive advantages in the domestic and global markets.

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Mitja Drobne


Ferdinand Mehle


Bojan Kužnik

Production manager

Sašo Zukanovič

Technology and quality

Marija Mehle


Matjaž Hribar


Ivica Tekavc


Monika Stražiščar



OMF Elektronika employees want a fair partnership with customers based on mutual trust and respect.


Our regular customers in the field of consumer electronics, process electronics and others are our biggest reference.